Do you need a quick cash loan? If you ever did and tried to get your bank to lend you some money, you most likely found out what a waste of time that can be. Not only do banks have a number of requirements that you have to complete, but they also seemingly take ages before they let you know their decision and whether you are approved for a much-needed loan or not. Not to mention that many get flat-out refused for a loan because they have a bad or low credit rating.

Is there are way to get a quick loan, for the amount that you want, without having to worry about your credit rating? Fortunately there is and it is called logbook loans.

The question, of course is where can you get a quote for one? Our company offers free logbook loans quotes for all residents of the United Kingdom. We will help you find the perfect logbook loan company out there, from hundreds of lenders including LogbookQuote ready to fulfill your borrowing needs.

Who we are?

If you had bad dealings with a loan company before and cringe at the very thought of them, we promise you, that won't be the case with us . We have several years of experience and hundreds of happy customers that can both confirm our company's determination to make sure that you get the best V5 loan for your money.

Why you might need a logbook loan?

So, why would you need a logbook loan and our services? Let's put it bluntly. If you have a poor credit history, getting a regular loan from the bank is impossible. But for a logbook loan, you just need to have a vehicle in working condition, pass a few more requirements, such as having an MOT, and insurance for your car and to have paid taxes connected to it and you are eligible to a logbook loan. Finally, logbook loans are also perfect if you need the money within 24 hours and can't wait for a bank to approve your loan and process it.

How can you get a quote from us?

Getting a logbook loan quote from us is very easy. To start, you just need to fill out a quick and simple form on the website. This includes the important information about your vehicle and your personal contact details. It takes only a couple of minutes for the staff to review this and once everything is complete, we can match you with one of the top logbook lenders we know you can trust.

When you are ready, we will arrange an appointment with the lender. We, of course, make sure that the time and place is convenient to you. For this meeting, you just need to bring the car's logbook, MOT, ID, proofs of your income, address and any insurance details connected to the vehicle. Your car will also get evaluated in order to determine your borrowing limit. Finally, you can agree to the repayment schedule with the lender.

With all this done, you can simply drive away in your car with your money in just one hour!